Lesson 3 starts off with our same four beginning exercises. If you’d like to see the videos again, click here.

***Remember, there’s no rule saying you have to do this all in one sitting!***

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, click here to download Lesson 3 from the workbook.

Third time’s a charm! By now you must feel like a pro when it comes to those exercises.

Now it’s time for…

First, we’re getting started with Rhythm!

Second – we’re going to experiment with emphasizing words, extending syllables, and adding pauses, as we try adding rhythm to some sample phrases. (page 34)

Third – use the same rhythm strategies and apply them to some of your own phrases! (page 35)

Fourth – now try applying these strategies to an entire section of one of the songs that you’ve written! (page 36)

Great job adding rhythm to your words!

Take a few minutes to watch the rhythm wrap up video, and click on the extra pages image if you need to download some extra sheets for your ideas.

Extra pages

Next up…

Lesson 4

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