Remember, each lesson starts off with the same four beginning exercises. If you’d like to see the videos again, click here.

***Remember, there’s no rule saying you have to do this all in one sitting!***

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, click here to download Lesson 2 from the workbook.

Great job on those beginning exercises! They’re going to start feeling easier and easier.

Now let’s get started on…

First off – we’re starting on Melody, yay!

Second – we’re going to trace the melody for Happy Birthday so you can start visualizing what you’re hearing. (pages 24-25)

Third – we’re going to start making up some melodies for some sample phrases. (page 26)

Fourth – we’re going to make up some melodies for some of YOUR phrases. (page 27)

You just wrote dozens of melodies! Great job!

Take a few minutes to watch the melody wrap up video, and click on the extra pages image if you need to download some more sheets for all of your ideas.

Extra pages

Next up…

Lesson 3

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