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Lyrics (continued)

I know, I know. You probably feel like we’re done with lyrics already. But trust me, refining your lyrics in this lesson is really going to push your song to the next level of greatness!

First, an intro into what we’ll cover this lesson.

Second – we’ll work through an example on how to really clarify your lyrics. (page 58)

Third – use the same strategies and clarify some of your lyrics! (page 59)

Fourth – we’ll work on making your clear phrases sound more poetic. (pages 60-61)

Fifth – we’re working on some rhymes…both true and alternative! (pages 62-64)

Sixth – here are a few last rhyming strategies and ideas! (page 65)

You made it to the last pages of Lesson 5!

Seventh – we’re going to implement our rhyming (and poetic) strategies on your lyrics! (pages 66-67)

Great job refining your lyrics!

Take a few minutes to watch the wrap up video, and click on the extra pages image if you need to download some extra sheets for your ideas.

Extra pages

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